© tekst & muziek Geurt Franzen/2013

You can take my money
you can take the clothes I wear
you can take every penny
take what you want, I just don't care, but

Please, don't take my name
please, don't take my name

You can take the boots I love
take my brand new shoes
you can take my hat and gloves
you can take whatever you choose

You can take my dog, my horse
everything, just make your wish
even my favorite cat is yours
from my pond just take my fish

You can take my books, my bed
and my blankets take them too
you can take my food, my bread
take my bike, although it's new

You can take the laughs I had
you can take the jokes I made
you can take the songs I sang
you can take the prayers I prayed

You can take my faith
you can take my dreams of fame
take all the friends I made
but please don't take my name


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