Say the words

Say the words
© 2018 Tekst en muziek Geurt Franzen

There’s a river and they say that it flows
To the sea, so they say, to the sea
There’s a way to find out, oh I know (yes I know) 
It’s a jump, all it takes, to be free  

Say the words
say the words
say the words
Say the words 
And I’ll be gone

There’s a wind and it’s bound to go north 
So they say, may it blow, may it blow
there’s a kite in the air, going back going forth 
climb a tree, to the top, let it go

Some days are good, some are not, so they say
When comes the day that you say take a flight 
Some days are gold, some are… silver
Some days are dark… … as a moonless night


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