An off day?

An off day 
(c) 2016 Tekst: Janneke Willems; muziek: Jos Strik 

The road of joy is closed, just for one day
when do you say no sparkle, no joy, just one smile away
to be depressed, detached in every way, time isn't healing, in one day
years of struggle, years of pain, it won't go away

Can't imagine, being there
Not even when I say goodbye
memory's of joy will always be
that sparkle, the joy and be aware

It's hard to understand some people, who feel that way
they wish they had my joy, just for one day
a happy thought in my mind, a memory so fine
just hope, a string to attach, the music will play

I'm blessed I count them now
always half full
I'm blessed I count them now
the sunny side

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