Room 214

Room 214 
(c)1983 tekst en muziek Jos Strik

We all know what you feel 
We have been here before 
Part of our lives are barried 
Just beneath this floor 

When future seems so hopeless 
When dark nights rise 
When you feel really lonely 
When you feel really down 

But still this will remain… 

Sometimes I wonder 
Where are we going to 
There is not enough of you 
And still to many 
Can somebody tell me 
What it’s all about 
Should we accept the facts 
Or should we scream and shout  

But still this will remain…

It was a beautiful time 
It was a beauty beauty beautiful time 
Thank you for listening 
Thank you for your attention 
Thank you for your loving 
It was a beautiful time oh yeah  

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