Walk with the river

Walk with the river     
© 2014 Tekst en muziek Geurt Franzen 

I walk with the river 
with the clouds in the sky 
with the trees in the woods 
all the colours passing by 

I walk with the river 
till the levee will break 

I walk with the birds 
with the swans, with the cranes 
yes I walk with the herds 
in spite of cold or the rain 

I walk with the mountains 
with the hills high and steep 
see me walk with the canyons 
no mather how deep 

I walk with the seas 
with the seals and the whales 
heayvy storms, gentle breeze   
on the beach follow trails 


till the levee will break  
till the levee will break  

I walk with the floods 
with the earth when it shakes 
with vulcanoes that spit 
with the levees that break   

With the stars and the moon 
with the sun in the sky 
all alone I will walk  
till the day that I die. 

till the levee will break  


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